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XML Guild

The XML Guild

          where you find established XML experts . . .

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Quote of the Day


Must stop answering questions on the XQuery list by telling people how much easier it would be in XSLT. Or perhaps not.

By Michael Kay, 2009-06-19T:10:55:02+00:00, read more.

"XML" - It's a simple term, but behind it lies a lot of complexity. When you need help in getting the maximum value from XML technologies, where do you look? How do you know you are getting the most competent help available?

The XML Guild is a consortium of some of the best independent XML consultants in the world.  Our members have extensive experience in XML and markup technologies. We are involved in the establishment of standards and best practices. We are authors of numerous books, articles and papers, and are well-known presenters and speakers.

The XML Guild currently has members in Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, the U.S.A., and the United Kingdom, all of whom are willing to work with customers in other locations.

Balisage 2010 — The Markup Conference

The XML Guild is proud to be a co-sponsor of Balisage 2010 — The Markup Conference.

Balisage is a peer-reviewed conference designed to meet the needs of markup theoreticians and practitioners who are pushing the boundaries of the field. It's all about the markup: how to create it; what it means; hierarchies and overlap; modeling; taxonomies; transformation; query, searching, and retrieval; presentation and accessibility; making systems that make markup dance (or dance faster to a different tune in a smaller space) — in short, changing the world and the web through the power of markup.

Balisage 2010 runs 3-6 August in Montréal, Canada.

Also, don't miss the pre-conference symposium on "XML for the Long Haul: Issues in the long-term preservation of XML" on 2 August.

We hope to see you there!