In the wild without your wireless phone? I dare you!


The first time I went out without a wireless phone I felt isolated, weak, out of reach and out of control: I was 100 meters from home but I could not be reached and could not immediately reach my relatives if anything happened. Anything could happen to them and anything could happen to me and we wouldn’t know.

This unpleasant feeling has been soon replaced by another one: anything could happen for the worse but also for the best and I was again fully in charge of myself and could think and look at the outside world without being interrupted.

These phones are wireless, but they keep you strongly wired to your network!

Why not try it?

Cut your wire: leave your wireless phone home and make an adventure out of the most boring shopping…

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2 thoughts on “Wireless”

  1. An “intermediate” experiment would be to take your phone with you but to switch it off and only use it in case of absolute necessity (injury, etc.). I think it’s already a step in the right direction.

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