Sun to buy the M from LAMP

Sun has announced their intention to buy MySQL, the number one database for web applications used both by Google et Amazon but also powering most of personal blogs.

Sun has considered that being the M from “LAMP” (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) would be a good way step to be the “.” in “.com” as they used to say in one of their taglines.

This announce has and will be commented at large… Personally, I do hope that this will speed up a better support of XML by MySQL.

I had the opportunity to have a look at XML support in MySQL 5.1 for the chapters about databases in the book “Beginning XML” that I have co-written with Joe Fawcett (he covered SQL Server and wrote two sections about eXist and MySQL). My conclusion is that these features are a good start but there is still a lot of work between they reach something that can match modern databases!

Knowing the long term commitment of Sun to XML, I do hope that this will boost the developments of new XML features.

While we’re speaking of modern databases, one of the leaders in term of XML support is Oracle.

And today is also the date they’ve chosen to announce that they’re buying BEA. what’s the link between these two announcements? It’s a factor 8.5! It will cost $b 8.5 to Oracle to buy BEA and only $b 1 to Sun to buy MySQL.

I don’t want to underestimate the BEA’s business value, but it looks to me that in term of overall visibility and contribution to the net economy, the factor should be the other way round!

That’s probably a good illustration that it remains more difficult to monetize open source than commercial developments.

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