Adios Syncato

It’s been fun to use Syncato, but the lack of any kind of efficient anti spam is really overwhelming and I had to switch to something else to reopen the comments that I had to close with Syncato.

I am giving a try to WordPress which is in a way the complete opposite of Syncato: I don’t like that much its technical foundation (I had a look at its implementation of XML features and I’ll come back on that if time permits), but it is so much more user friendly that it’s difficult to resist… After all, I may be a XML Geek, I am also a user!

XSLT has been my friend again for this migration (the XML import that has been used to initialize the WordPress database and the rewrite rules have been generated with XSLT). As a result, all the posts, comments and feeds are available through the same URIs and the side effects should be minimized for the readers of this blog.

Farewell Syncato, I’ll miss your XML abilities!

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4 thoughts on “Adios Syncato”

  1. Hi Eric,

    Sorry to hear you go, of course since I switched to wordpress a long time ago for the exact same reason, it’s not surprising. Syncato was a great experiment and I still someday hope to revisit the idea and turn it into something truly usable. It’s a much more viable idea now too since we can make it so easily accessible with JumpBox.


  2. Hi Kimbro,

    Yes, JumpBox will definitely help to install and maintain complex software combinations such as Syncato. The other thing which is missing in Syncato is a plugin and theme architecture and, of course, an active community. Anyway, keep me updated!

    Thanks for Syncato it’s been fun to use.


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