Our Web 2.0 book appears to be tough to classify

I have arrived in Boston yesterday evening to participate to the XML 2006 conference.

Today, I spent most of my time walking in the town and I couldn’t resist to enter in the first bookshop I found to check if they had our new Web 2.0 book.

This bookshop happened to be Borders, 10 School Street and it took me a while to find the book because it was neither with the other books about the Web nor with other suspects such as books about Ajax but together with my XML Schema book and HTML 4 for dummies (I haven’t understood why this other book was there either) between a bunch of books about XSLT.

Our book is probably difficult to classify because it covers a lot of subjects but, even though I have been involved in it, it is certainly not a book about XML and should rather be classified as a book about the Web!

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2 thoughts on “Our Web 2.0 book appears to be tough to classify”

  1. Karl,

    Yes, that can be a reason.

    To their defence, I must say that their job is not easy. While we all know that a single treelike classification isn’t enough and that we need graphs to categorize books, the physical bookshelves on which they present books support only a single dimensional projection of a simple treelike classification!

    Makes me think that it would be interesting to see if they can take profit of the fact that bookshelves are actually two dimensional but I guess that this would be quite complex to take into account.


  2. Because employees of booksupermarkets are not always librarians or book lovers. Maybe more chance in a bookshop ;)

    I had the issue a lot of time when I was doing astrophysics and you had books of astrology. *SIGH*

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