Professional Web 2.0 programming for real

I’have received my personal copies of our Web 2.0 book and they look really good.

I really like the kind foreword from Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr, especially when she says this book is very much about how, through technology, you can capture and delight your users. This should be the tagline of our book!

She goes on and adds: Web 2.0 is really a developer’s paradise! and that’s really what we’ve felt while we wrote the book.

I am also impressed by the ground we’ve covered while keeping the book relatively short. I wrote in the outline that I have sent to the publishers to sell my book idea that my goal wasn’t to write a Web 2.0 bible and I had set the prospective page count to 450. If you don’t take the index into account, we are very close to our target with our 492 pages.

The real challenge was to use this limited space to cover an incredibly large landscape: Web 2.0 is about using a dozen of different technologies together. Your reviews will tell but I think that we have been quite successful in selecting the most important things that you need to know to combine these technologies into successful Web 2.O applications.

I had the chance to give a talk about Web 2.0 at sparklingPoint yesterday evening and had a copy with me to circulate after my talk. The audience included several Web 2.0 developers and they spent more time that I had expected to glance through the book.

Their comments are positive and they appreciate in particular the fact that we have a full chapter about HTTP, a fundamental brick of the Web which is misunderstood by too many developers.

Now that the book is available, like Caterina Fake, I look forward to seeing the results the readers of this book will bring into being!

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