Teaching Professional Web 2.0 Programming

I’ll have the pleasure to give a training based on chapter 1 of our book this coming Thursday (23/11/2006) from 2:00 to 5:00 pm (CET) for the ATHENS program.

Although this training is not publicly accessible but reserved to students who have registered through their University or Institution, it will be publicly broadcast and archived on the Internet.

The training will include a short introduction of Web 2.0 along the lines of my blog entry on the subject followed by the detailed presentation of a simple yet complete Web 2.0 mashup application.

This application is “BuzzWatch”, the same sample application that I have developed for chapter 1 our book “Professional Web 2.0 Programming“. Server side, BuzzWatch is written in PHP 5 and it takes advantage of easy XML, SQLite and Cache_Lite. Client side, it makes extensive use the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) library.

This will be a tech heavy session which follows, like we do in the book, each action, tracing HTTP exchanges, scanning the web server log and digging into the JavaScript and PHP code to introduce the main technologies and issues you find while developing Web 2.0 applications.

BuzzWatch comes in four different versions:

  1. The first version exhibits the downsides of naive Web 2.0 applications: the pages have no URIs, the back button doesn’t work, …
  2. The second one fixes these issues at the price of code duplication between the client and the server
  3. The third version eliminates this code redundancy
  4. The fourth one makes BuzzWatch a good Web citizen with cool URIs

BuzzWatch can be downloaded and discussed on WROX site.

It’s been fun to develop and to write down first for the book and then for this training and I hope that it will be as fun to read and follow!

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